My Own Personal Asteroid Belt

I have been in the process of packing up shop and moving out of Jita, in the hopes of joining my first real Corporation! *fingers crossed* So the past couple of nights have been all about logistics and not much else. I was eventually able to pack everything up into my Badger II Hauler and everything I couldn’t fit I sold on the market. Not the best, but considering my destination was 17 jumps away, I didn’t really want to make continued round-trips.

Once I finally arrived I began familiarizing myself with the surrounding constellations. I was looking for a good spot to setup my mining operation. With the help of Ombeve’s amazing 2D EvE Maps I was able to find a great spot in short order. I then realized that I was in Gallante space and my personal standing wasn’t that great, so I decided to pick up two ships to help rectify the situation: a mission running Caracal Cruiser and a salvaging Cormorant Destroyer.

My first mission was easy enough, seek and destroy. It was over in around 5 minutes. As I was warping between rooms I noticed some asteroid belts floating nearby inside each room. Now, I’ve seen these in the past and I’ve read about people mining their missions, but it never really dawned on me before how amazing this setup could be. Since I’ve been mining my arse off the past week I figured I would try mining the asteroid belts before turning in the missions requirements.


I was under the impression that these mini-asteroid belts were full of tiny rocks with little substance, boy was I wrong! As the screen shot below will attest, I basically had three of my own private asteroid belts sitting inside my mission rooms.

Personal Asteroid Belt

Personal Asteroid Belt

I spent the next three hours basically AFK mining with little fear of trouble. I realize someone with enough time and patience could rain on my parade, but I doubt that is too much of a problem.

So, even though I had good intentions of running missions all night and improving my Gallante standing, I was inevitably sidetracked by those damned floating space rocks. Now if only I could fly a Hulk!


~ by Facepalm on August 4, 2009.

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