Eve in Review: July 2009

I’ve read many posts which summarize their past monthly accomplishments in their game of choice. I like the concept and I’ll be jumping on the bandwagon more for personal reference than anything else. Being able to see, as this blog grows and ages, what I was up to in months/years past is very appealing. I don’t currently have much to contribute , but you have to start somewhere I guess.

July was a fairly straightforward month as Eve goes. I wish it was easier to see all the skills I’ve trained in the past 30 days, but Eve only tracks a certain number. The majority of my time was spent training up towards a mining Hulk, thus lots of Industry, Science and Spaceship Command skills. This was my earlier posted skills chart and here is my current chart:

July 2009 Skills Chart

July 2009 Skills Chart

Not too much has changed, but you can only train so much in a month I guess.

Early in the month I was away for 12 days on vacation to St. Lucia. While I was away I began training Caldari Frigate V, simply because I had no other skills that would be training the entire time I was away. Needless to say I stopped that training when I got back, so of the original 16 day training, I still have 3 days left. I wonder if I’ll ever go back and complete that training…is it worth it anyone?

When I returned I really wanted to focus my efforts on mining. As I stated previously, I had given it a quick pass early in my Eve career, but not enough to truly understand it. Thus I promptly worked my way up to a mining Crusier, an Osprey. I was only in that ship for a few days as Mining Barge III concluded and I was quickly sucking on asteroids in a stip mining Retriever. That is where I presently sit as I wait patiently for my Hulk and Mining V so I can equip modulated Strip Miner II’s with Veldspar crystals. I am quite a ways away still, roughly 5-6 weeks of training, but I’ve been really enjoying my mining experience so far and it’s actually made me quite a bit of ISK.

With my earnings I have been able to purchase the +3 implants for every attribute except Charisma. They run 11 million ISK each and I still have 40 million left in the bank. They have been a Godsend since they’ve already saved me nearly 8 days of training in Astrogeology V and Mining Barge V. I’ve been able to purchase a nice hauler and outfit her with all the extras to make my job of hauling Tritanium to Jita that much easier.

Being that I’ve been mainly floating in space sucking on asteroids I can’t say I’ve travelled any place new lately. As per an earlier post, here is my ‘Places I’ve Been” meme:

Places Ive Been

Places I've Been

Not much different. I suspect I will only start exploring new quadrants of New Eden when (if) I ever join a nice Corporation.

So that’s it for July 2009, not too exciting. I can safely say that I’m well on my way to a solid mining career and I’ve enjoyed it very much. August should be mostly the same, more mining with a few upgrades here and there. Bring on the summer!

Station Docking Port

Station Docking Port


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