Back in the saddle

Well I’ve finally recovered from my weekend away, one of the few remaining Bachelor Parties this old body may see for awhile. Regardless it was a blast!

Before I left Astrogeology V was queued up, but I barely made a dent in it’s nearly 15 day training time. Since returning home I’ve switched it up a little. I’m finishing off Refining IV in a couple hours and then I’ll snag Veldspar Processing and Mining V so I can equip Modulated Strip Miner II’s. Then I’ll finish off the Astrogeology training as well as Mining Barge V so I can queue up my Exhumer skillbook and get into a Hulk mid-September.

So that’s the skill training landscape I’ve setup for the foreseeable future. Once that was all lined up I set upon getting a new mining barge, the Retriever! At first I thought it wasn’t going to be much of an upgrade over my Osprey, boy was I wrong. That baby can tear through asteroids like they were made out of paper mache! Here is the fit I ended up with. I have been unable to fit an MLU (Mining Laser Upgrade: +5% yield), perhaps I can find some rigs or implants that will allow it.

Basic Mining Retriever

The All-American I

Now that I was pulling in roughly 17k units of Veldspar per mining cycle (180 seconds) I was filling my Giant Secure Containers (GSC) in roughly 2.25 cycles. I had asked earlier what people would suggest for a hauler. I got some good responses, but ultimately I’ve just kept my Caldari Badger II. It’s the cheapest Industrial hauler of all four races and when I was done fully fitting it I can haul 16,110 m3 of space, not too shabby! Here she is. I fitted 3 Expanded Cargohold II’s giving me just voer 12.5k m3, enough to fit 4 GSCs internally, adding an additional 3,600 m3. Previously I could only haul 2.75 GSC’s before my hauler was full so it was a pretty good upgrade to say the least. I even had to buy another GSC to anchor in space at my little asteroid belt I call home. I can fill up my 4 GSC’s in a little over 30 minutes, leaving me a good haul. Yesterday with this setup I was able to pull in roughly 3.5 million units of Tritanium, which sold for a good price in Jita.

I’m finally starting to make some money, but I’m going to need every penny as those Hulk’s ain’t cheap! 28 million ISK for the Exhumer skillbook alone and around 100 mill or more for the ship. Ah well, at least it’s something to aim for!


~ by Facepalm on July 29, 2009.

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