And on the Seventh day there was light…at the end of the tunnel

Finally! After over 7 days of training I’m finished with various random Learning skills, Mining Barge III & Astrogeology IV. Retriever here I come!

For all of you out there thinking “7 days of training? This guy ain’t seen nothing yet! What a sucker”…well maybe. You have to start with baby steps before running and I’m happy with the progress I’ve made so far, be-it ever so small.

My mining Osprey has been doing extremely well over the past week which was a pleasant surprise…I might even miss the old girl. “The Pelican” was stuffing giant secure containers like bell peppers, but alas all good things must end.

Yet, as fate would have it, I’m leaving Dodge for yet another weekend away, thus my beloved strip mining Retriever will have to wait until next week. However, the other side of coin has blessed me with an abundance of play time next week, so I’ll be stripping like crazy and breaking in my new boat.

According to EFT my ore yield will increase from 470 to 590, again in EFT’s mysterious “ore units”. (Can anyone explain those to me?) This should be a good jump, though I might have to invest in a few more GSC’s to cope.

I believe I have enough capital to get my bird up and flying. I would like my next investment to be a good hauler. I wrote earlier on my newly upgraded Badger II and even though it was a great improvement, it just doesn’t quite have the cargo space I would like. I’m not sure what to set my expectations to, but ultimately I’d like to haul a full jet can in a single trip. That’s probably a ways out, but can anyone suggest a decent hauler for the time being?

My dreams of flying a Hulk should be realized in early September. Until then, it looks like mining, mining and more mining. But so far so good, I’m not burned out and it’s actually suited my recent play time perfectly.

Thanks again for all those that offered up much needed suggestions! And for all you asteroids out there, you better watch your back because your days are numbered! Ooh-rah!


~ by Facepalm on July 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “And on the Seventh day there was light…at the end of the tunnel”

  1. As I understand it, Received Opinion holds that you need a Mark V Iteron to hold a full jet-can. And it needs to be “fully rigged out” — presumably with Cargo Expanders and appropriate rigs.

    I know someone who has one, and, yes, it does appear able to swallow a whole can at once.

    You will want to note that my understanding is also that the freighter class (Obelisk and the like) can only load cargo in a station. It can therefore _carry_ a full jet-can-load, but can’t access the jet-can to get it.

  2. I good hauler for people just starting out is the Bestower…quick to train for, and throw a view expanded cargohold IIs in the low slots…and you can get more than half a jetcan in it.

    Though if you fill your hold up with secure containers, you can fit even more in it…thats what I normally do…but only if you don’t mind the tedium of opening each one and filling it from the jet can.

    And to confirm the above commenter…when you get fully skilled for an Itty 5…(takes about a month?)…and fully rig it…you can carry 1.5 jet cans if you use the secure container trick…i think mine on my last character could carry around 38km^3 of ore.

    And the ore units in EFT are simply stating the amount of km^3 you mine per minute. (or per cycle…don’t remember which, I don’t use EFT…I use EVEHQ…it’s much better :D)

  3. Thanks so much for the help guys. I’ve heard alot about the Iteron V, I just didn’t know how much it could hold.

    I’ll shoot for the Bestower for now and work my way up to a Iteron after I get in my Hulk.

    That makes sense Cyber about the “ore units” per cycle. Since each ore has a different volume it will very. I wish EFT has a secondary window that showed up once you double-clicked one the ore yield field that would break down the exact ore yield for each specific ore based upon the ore’s volume.

    Thanks again Jenni & Cyber!

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