So this weekend I finally had a good chunk of time to spend in space. As I’ve rambled in the past I’m currently focused on mining. I had attempted a small dose of it early on, but now I really wanted to do nothing but mining and see how far it could take me.

I’d fitted myself a nice Badger II hauler and a mining Osprey. I picked up three giant secure containers and found a great, quiet system to setup shop. My first few days last week I spent at a small asteroid belt close to home. The asteroids varied in quantity, the largest being about 25k units of ore. I stopped mining some of the more exotic ores to focus on the main cash cow in Jita: Veldspar.

This weekend I decided to give a few other belts a look-see and when I arrived at the first new belt I was quite shocked. There were some HUGE rocks floating right in front of me! At first I thought my camera had zoomed extremely close in, but that wasn’t the case. These asteroids held roughly 100k units of ore, quadruple anything I’d seen previously! I was amazed, this would be so much more convenient. My Osprey was just newly fitted with some Miner II’s which produced around 4.5k units of Veldspar per cycle, plus my 3 Mining Drone I’s produced about 500 units per cycle. EFT reported I pulled about 470 ore units (whatever that means) per minute. One of these giant ‘roids would fill my 3 GSC’s and I’d start hauling, even though my Badger II, fitted with 3 Expanded Cargohold I’s, couldn’t fit the contents of all 3 GSC’s in a single trip.

When all was said and done I decided to refine the Veldspar into Tritanium. I believe I had somewhere close to 7.5 million units of the mineral at the end of the weekend. It took somewhere close to 6 or 7 trips in my Badger II to transport it all to the main Caldari Assembly Plant in Jita. I put it up for sale at around 4.00 ISK ea. and it sold in just a couple minutes. My bank account swelled to over 30 million ISK!! ๐Ÿ˜€

I found little trouble from any Pirates or can flippers, as the system I moved to is very quiet. The local channel fluxates between about 4 and 30 people depending upon the time of day, and most are miners flying Hulks.

I did some skill planning in EVEMon to get myself into a mining Retriever. I finished up Industry V Sunday morning and had Astrogeology IV queued up, which would have finished this Thursday around 4 AM Pacific. However I also wanted to see how long it would take me to get into an Exhumer and eventually a Hulk. It was quite a ways out, August 13th and September 9th respectively. EVEMon suggested I train two remaining Advanced Learning skills to III: Focus & Clarity. With my newly fattened wallet I decided I pick those two skill books up (4.5 million ISK ea. ouch!) and get to training them. This has pushed back my completion of Astrogeology until this weekend sometime, but in the end I would shave 5 days of training of my Exhumers plan if I did the final Learning skills, so it’s a fair trade off. 2 days of training now for 5 days saved later, net 3 days.

At times I will admit I was slightly bored doing the mining thing. It did keep me on my toes however when someone showed up at my belt, miner paranoia if you will. Regardless I did enjoy my time in space this weekend and I would like to continue down this path, at least for the next few weeks. I’m anxious to get my refining skills beefed up a little more and into a Hulk eventually.

On a side note, with all the spare time I had while my Osprey was sucking on rocks, I did some thinking and wanted to pose a question. This may seem off topic, but if money was of no concern, what would be the best route a new player could take? I am clearly strapped for cash, but how would a Veteran player outfit a newly minted ALT if they had all the ISK they needed? Being EVE is what it is, I would imagine any new Capsuleer would be limited by real-life time, since they wouldn’t have any real skillbase. So are new ALTs simply supplied with all the necessary skillbooks they need, then placed in the oven to bake for a few months before they can actually contribute? I would have loved an alt hauler this weekend, but that’s for another post I guess. Perhaps I should do some research on ALT setup and creation, hmm…

Hopefully you’re weekend in space was as enjoyable as mine!


~ by Facepalm on July 20, 2009.

5 Responses to “Jackpot!”

  1. Avoid the retriever go for the next one up! Way back when I was coming back into EvE I almost made that mistake..3 days more training will get you into the better version of the retriever ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Perhaps you are thinking of the Procurer? I have seen many people saying to avoid the first available Mining Barge at all costs. It’s single Strip Miner mount is easily outdone by my current mining Osprey setup.

      According to EFT, my Osprey does around 470 ore units per minute, whereas a fully fit Procurer does around 430. The Retriever is the middle tier mining barge and will do around 590 ore units per minute with 2 Strip Miner I’s and 3 Mining Drone I’s.

      The final Mining Barge, the Covetor, is a great ship, but will take me roughly 40 days to get into, being that it requires Astrogeology V and Mining Barge V. The Retriever, though, only requires Astrogeology IV and Mining Barge III, thus my being able to get one this Thursday.

      Thanks for the input, hope that clarifies!

    • What ship are you talking about? The next ship after the Retriever is the Covetor…and it’s another 2 months of training on average after the retriever? What 3 days are you talking about?

      I think you are thinking about skipping the Covetor and going strait to hulk….as that is only about 2-3 days difference.

  2. I had that happen to me a couple of years ago. I was SO F’n angry about getting stuck on a rock. Once I started moving again I warped to the station the rubber banded back and was blown up. I was like CCP WTF! I submitted a support ticket thinking nothing would come of it other than venting my frustration. Less than 24 hours later, they’d replaced my ship. Color me F’n impressed by CCP customer support.

    • I hear you Saylah, I think I still have marks on my forehead from repeatedly banging it on my keyboard. Sheesh!

      That is great to hear of CCP’s response though, definitely makes me feel better! ๐Ÿ™‚


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