Skillin’ Up

There isn’t much going on in the world of EVE for me at the moment,  being a new, solo, non-corporation member. This is probably a good thing considering the amount of time it usually takes me to get a solid grasp of things. Regardless I still feel the urge to ramble on, so here we go again.

I was intrigued by Kirith’s post about his current character’s skill distribution. I found it very interesting to see how 40 – 50 million skill points are typically spread out for a veteran player. In comparison, I figured I’d post my own skill chart. Freddy only has roughly 2.8 million SP, and most of the allocation has been compulsive (i.e. – only 2 hours for skill X? Sounds good!) but perhaps it’s still a good indicator of where a true EVE ‘newbie’ will find themselves after around 8 weeks in New Eden.

2.8 Million Skill Points

2.8 Million Skill Points

This reminds me slightly of the “Places I’ve Been” meme that was going around a few weeks ago, though not quite as compelling.

As per last night, I decided to take everyone’s kind advice and process my stockpiled ore. I made nearly 5 million ISK, which was a wonderful infusion. But then I went and spent around 60% of it on mining upgrades, better mining lasers, cargo expanders and a brand new hauler! The Caldari Badger II, dubbed: “Peterbuilt I”. Fitted with 3 Cargo Expander I’s and it nearly doubles the space of my original Badger I. 9980 m3 of space, not cavernous by any means, but for me it’s a great improvement. Here she is:

The "Peterbuild I"

The "Peterbuilt I"

I can’t wait until tonight when I can actually start trying her out!


~ by Facepalm on July 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “Skillin’ Up”

  1. Facepalm, nice name BTW. Three pieces of Advice from a non new player. 1) Stop mining. 2) Kill NPC rats or Mission to make a little isk if you have to or better yet join a corporation. Mining is EvE is highly one dimensional and this is definitely a three dimensional game. Try EvE University as good start. Or just search a Corp that can help you/ teach you other things to do in EvE to make money. Try some fighting…I know you may be nervous but read my blog under the instructions and that might help. I only wish you the best. 3) Specialize in a ship type and it’s main weapon systems. Galente/AMarr/Minmatar are nice the Minmatar frig the rifter is a phenomenal craft for fighting and is quite cheap)

    Best of luck!

    • Thanks for the feedback Manasi. When I first started EVE I tried out mining for a little bit then someone suggested I tried ratting and mission running. I did that for a couple weeks and made alot more money from salvage materials. I was really enjoying it, but just like you said there are lots more dimensions to EVE so I figured I’d give mining a shot again…kind of as a break from the other aspects.

      It’s also easier on me because of my schedule, so I’ll give it a few more nights. When I finally have a larger amount of time to spend in New Eden in one sitting I’ll probably go back to mission running.

      Thanks again for the instructions, I’ll be sure and read through them more carefully. I’m trained up mostly in Caldari Cruisers and Frigates (III & V respectively) but I do have the other races trained to around II or III, so I will try out the Galante or Amarr next I think.

      I appreciate the help!!


  2. I agree: Mining is what you do when RL will only let you have a little while to game.
    You might get lucky: you might find a belt chock-full, and get several holds-full.
    You might get lucky: the random numbers might send you a throng (or series of) of rats, which you can shoot down and salvage from even while the ore is pouring in to your hold
    You might get lucky: someone might flip your can for you, and hang around long enough for you to blow him away with your drone-fleet, and then you can quickly pack up and head home, wait out your agg timer, and then wander out again and watch him look for you in all the system.

    And you get ore and eventually ISKies for all your trouble.
    Take a good book, and some mellow jazz along for the ride.

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