The Industrial Revelation

Last night I decided to attempt and figure out the Industrial side of EVE. I’ve been reading what I could find online about the subject, but there’s really been no “Ah Ha!” moment for me.

As stated in my other post, I’ve been spending alot of time ratting and Salvaging near the little system I call home. I found there was good money to be had in selling the materials and I was trying to build a small bank roll to spend on expensive skill books. Had I known what I discovered last night a little sooner in my career, I might have been playing to a different tune now, namely that I wouldn’t have been so quick to sell my loot.

There is a dead-end system one jump from my home assembly plant that may turn into my new junkyard; not personally, but as a solid source of salvage. I had a mission to finish there so once I was done I broke out my trusty Core Probe Launcher and did some scanning. To my amazement there were roughly 15 Gurista locations within the system, most of which I could handle with little to moderate difficulty. I cleaned out about five or so spawns before I headed home to hock my loot.

The ‘Revelation’, if it were, all came about rather happenstance really. Since I had all this fancy salvage I wanted to know how else to use it, besides just filling somebody else’s buy order. I figured I’d start my search by looking at Blue Print Originals on the marketplace. I had trained up on some ship building skills so I looked there first. I quickly realized they were out of the question, considering those prints run around 30 to 150 million ISK (I choked a little on my beverage of choice when I saw all those zeros). So no ships for the time being, let’s move on to something smaller.

There’s been lots of talk recently about ‘T3 Components’ with the release of Apocrypha. “Makes sense”, I thought to myself, ships need parts to manufacture. I’ll see if I can find anything along those lines. I looked again at some of the ship blueprints and noticed that most of the basic T1 ships don’t require anything but minerals. (unless I was reading them wrong?) So I was back to square 1 again. Will I ever be able to make anything?

As I was fumbling around with the Market blueprints tabs I stumbled upon what I originally thought were the elusive ship components I had been seeking. They turned out to be rigging blueprints. In my earlier post Wilhelm kindly pointed out that one of the units I was selling was used in a particular rig manufacturing process. I (slowly) put two-and-two together and saw that these rig blueprints I was looking at used the salvaged materials I had been accumulating. “Finally, something I can actually make!”.

The particular rig blueprint I was interested in took 3 components, all of which I had been seeing in abundant supply over the past few days from the pirates I was dispatching. The problem was that I had been selling every last one that I came across. Two of the components were my main money makers, thus I was in sort of a pickle, ‘The Chicken or the Egg’ type of dilemma. I needed to sell my components to make some money, but if I made this rig it sells for around 30 million ISK. There was a large profit margin to be had, but I would still need a good chunk of ISK to purchase the components. Thus I was stuck. I figured I could simply start hording my salvage, but then I’d be pretty much stuck with my current bank account balance for the foreseeable future.

Then I remembered about ‘Material Efficiency Research’ that you can perform on blueprint originals. If I could get my BPO in to bake for awhile I could increase my margins by reducing the amount of materials required to manufacture the rig. Sounds like a simple enough plan, so I opened up the ‘Science & Research’ window and checked for available MRE research slots. Now I had read in the tutorial (finally something I actually remembered from going through that exercise!) that the one job hardest to find spots for is the materials research. “There’s got to be slots open somewhere” I thought. Boy was I wrong. I travelled to four different Regions and the majority of MER slots had a wait time between 35 to 50 days! The smallest wait was 18 days. I see why Player Owned Structures with Research modules are so popular now.

Thus it looks like I’ll be saving my salvage for now, and even when I do have the large number of required materials stocked up it will only be enough for a single unit, but that’s the way it goes I guess. It was getting late and I had a few more things I wanted to get done (namely buying a plethora of new skill books, including the ones that would allow me to pilot the three other faction’s ships) so I decided to fly back to my trusty home system and log for the night.

If I have time today (Mrs. Facepalm gets home tonight 🙂 ) I will try and look through the other rig blueprints to find something a little easier to manufacture. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Regardless of the small frustration at the end, the whole experience was at least the “Ah Ha!” moment I had been looking for. I have a much better handle now on how all the pieces of the ‘EVE Industrialism’ puzzle fit together. If only I had more time in space…


~ by Facepalm on June 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Industrial Revelation”

  1. Good luck with the industry side of Eve. Private POSes are great, but require quite an investment of time (for standing in high sec) and money.

    I have been playing with starbases for over a year now building tech 2 Gallente ships, but profit is still hard to make. In all honesty, for a high sec player, if ISK is what you’re after, dabbling a bit into industry won’t cut it. You pretty much have to focus on in it 100%.

    Best of luck!

    • Thanks Viger,

      I appreciate the info. I hope I’m not implying that I think it is easy to make ISK by simply jumping into Industry, I guess I just want to become more well versed in it. I’ve always enjoyed the crafting side of things in other MMOs so I want to give it a shot in EVE. Thanks again!

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