EVEntually I’ll figure this out – Part II

Let me continue my ramblings from Part I.

So on the eve of my first night in New Eden I ended up docked at the State War Academy’s station. I had no clue as to what region or solar system I was in, all I knew was that I could click on something in my overview, and then head towards it. My first few feeble attempts at this went something along the lines of: Select item in overview, click on ship speed to increase to maximum and then wait till I got there.

Now that you’ve stopped laughing, it’s clear that it didn’t take me long to figure out that couldn’t possibly be the right way to move from point A to point B. I had read the tutorials, but clearly I needed to read again. This time I was warping in style, however I always left myself a good distance away at which I proceeded to crawl close enough until I could actually dock.

When I docked at the station for the first time it was a little overwhelming to figure out everything I could do. There were various service buttons on the right, followed by agent and guest lists. (I eventually figured out that ‘guests’ where simply other players that were also docked at the station) I clicked through many of the service buttons but most just succeeded in confusing me even more.

I had read some about the ‘Market’ and wanted to explore that a bit more. I had been using Auctioneer in WoW for awhile, but the built-in feature set of EVE’s Market was amazing! I had read this was one of EVE’s strong points and sure enough it was pretty satisfying to see such a robust player run economy and tool set to match. I believe the first thing I purchased was a mining laser. (Regardless that all ships start out with a Civilian Mining Laser) I remember my mantra, when in doubt right-click, and soon enough I had the confirmation dialog to purchase my new fangled toy. ‘Confirm’. Now what? Oh right! I have to go pick up my purchase. I vaguely remember my ‘Wallet’ had a transaction log, so I opened that up and found the location. 32 jumps away?!? Again, I had to facepalm. EVEntually I’ll figure this out. I adjusted my mantra with the preface: ‘Pay Attention’.

Even though my new laser was 32 jumps away I figured it’d be good for me to saddle up and see what a long trip in EVE is all about. So I set the pick-up station as my destination and turned on the trusty auto-pilot. That trip took foreeeeeeverrrrrr. Ugh. I quickly learned that the auto-pilot isn’t quite so trusty after all.

During the trip I saw a number of ships pop up on the overview that had little skulls on their icon and were highlighted yellow. I never knew what that meant and after reading how prevalent ganking is in EVE I was a little worried. Well, here I am 6 weeks later and still have yet to even see any PvP action. (knock on wood) I’m sure there will be plenty in the future.

So after playing with the market and trying to buy some skills I was quickly broke. (One of the good things about the initial tutorial missions is that you get a hefty chunk of ISK along the way) I read that mining was a great way to make some cash, thus my initial purchase of a mining laser. Once I was back in my ‘home’ system I wanted to find a ‘roid and start “sucking”. My first hurdle was getting asteroid belts to show up on the overview. My second hurdle was finding a belt that actually had asteroids. I spent the better part of two hours jumping around until I finally found a nice mining spot. I had visions of dollar signs in my eyes and was eager to get started. I found a ‘roid, targeted it and click my trusty mining laser. And *pause for effect* waited. Wow. Now I was really bogged down. The mining process was slooooooow and after 2 or 3 cycles my little ship was full. How on earth was I ever to turn on profit on this? I wasn’t expecting to print ISK right out of the gates, but I had hoped I could make a meager living which I could then afford those 5 million ISK learning skillbooks I needed. Ah well, perhaps I’ll try some missions.

I headed my way back to home base and selected one of the agents. Just by clicking on them they offered a mission. I was hoping to get a feel for all the agents first before I decided on who to start with so I clicked decline. Sure enough, said agent was no longer my friend and wouldn’t offer me any further missions. That was pretty frustrating and seemingly a basic design flaw. Oh well I thought, let me just grab another one. “Head out to X and kill Y” On my way.

Before I left for my mission I remembered that during my previous research I had seen a mention of ‘salvaging’. I wasn’t quite sure what it was, but it looked just like ‘roid sucking, but on ship wrecks. Now I’d read a number of mining guides and newbie guides, the majority of which stated that asteroid farming was the means to successful beginning career. However it was a much smaller guide that actually saved the day for me. I can’t find the original post any longer, but it had outlined the basics of salvaging. I had picked up a civilian salvager from the tutorials (I think?) so I strapped that on and was off on my mission.

Being that this was my first experience of actual combat (aside from the new player creation rat that shows up) hilarity ensued. I won’t bore you with the details, but you can probably imagine what a truly frantic newbie looks like in EVE faced with a few giant red dots on the screen as he’s screaming at his ship to turn around (which didn’t even matter) all the while mashing the arrows keys left and right to no avail. *Facepalm* It may have looked like a monkey humping a football, but soon enough the rats were dead. Alrighty, let’s test out this salvager.

This time I knew what to expect from the salvaging process since it seemed to closely resemble mining. Target, click and wait. After what seemed like forever I finally had a few successful salvages. I looked in my cargo hold and saw some loot. Not bad I thought, how much do these puppies actually sell for? I quickly learned that you could right-click the item and ‘View Market Details’. 120.00 ISK. *Moan* 98.00 ISK. *Grunt*. How am I ever going to make any money here? 250,000.000. *Snort* What? Was that a comma?? Sweet Baby Jesus, Eureka! I had somehow managed to salvage an alloyed titanium bar. Now we’re talking! Needless to say I haven’t sucked on a ‘roid since. (Except for that one mission where I saw a few Kernite ‘roids and knew they were selling for around 300 ISK ea. I mined 6000 units and somehow managed to lose every last one of them on the market a week later. After listing the minerals 3 separate times it just up and vanished like a fart in the wind. To this day there is no record that I ever had the Kernite to begin with. I even opened a ticket about it. Yet again another facepalm. Mining just doesn’t seem to be in the stars for me.)

After a couple days in newbie space I figured I’d move onto greener pastures. By this time I had a Badger for hauling. I was able to pack up all of my spacely belongings and complete the move in two full trips. I opened the map and slowly found a system about 14 jumps away that had everything I needed. I mainly wanted a system with plenty of agents for my salvaging purposes. So off I went into the wild black yonder. My home system if farily quiet and has everything I hoped it would. I’m still there today running missions and salvaging to my hearts content. There is a Caldari Navy Assembly plant one jump away that is usually packed with capsuleers and market items. The system also has a local Research station with all the skillbooks I ever (hopefully) need.

So that, as they say, is a wrap. Please forgive the ramblings and random tangents. Clearly I had my fair share of facepalms during my first few days in space. I feel a little more stable now and I’m trying to dabble in industry. I bought my first BPO (Blue Print Original) the other night and put it in at 450 degrees for 3 days to bake. We’ll see.

Now that my initial thoughts are down on paper I’ll try and post more regularly on my comings and goings in EVE. I have been looking for a good Corporation to join that wouldn’t mind taking a newbie under their wing, I promise not to be too annoying with my basic questions. There are a number of great Corporations and CEO’s in my Blogroll, so if you’re looking for some interesting EVE blogs I’d recommend them. All in all, I’m having a blast. I’d like to post the picture of ‘Where you’ve been in EVE’, so I’ll try and snag a screenshot of that tonight.

In closing, let me go back to that little incident in Part I where I had to wait a full day to actually re-create my character of choice. Have no fear, 24 hours later Freddy Facepalm was born. Please feel free to shoot me (figuratively speaking of course!) a message in game if you ever see me heading past…probably in the wrong direction.

Freddy Facepalm
Freddy Facepalm


~ by Facepalm on June 22, 2009.

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